A containment rather emotional

Un confinement plutôt émotif

In normal times, Pascale Picard is a emotional. So, imagine for a containment caused by a coronavirus. “I was crying in my room playing tunes of Blink-182. “

It is when it has emerged his guitar. Because during the first months of the crisis, the artist of Quebec was held away from his instrument fetish.

“The first month,” she says on the phone, I had trouble taking it. At one point, I took it out for fun to play covers with my daughter. It was good for me, and I said to myself : “OK, I’m going to make Facebook Live”. “

Even if it has limited its services in line of principle it was agreed that these free concerts were losing value to the music, singing for people who were sending their comments live has made him a well-crazy.

“We’ve been lucky to live it [the confinement] at this time in history where we have Facebook to stay in touch with members of our family. A hundred years ago, it was not the same. “

A recovery popular

A chance, in fact, because it we would be deprived of the pretty recovery Time After Time that Pascale Picard, supported by his musicians and sonorisateurs, put online last week.

The project has struck a chord. On Facebook, the video has been shared nearly 850 times in a few days. “This is a song that I always loved. I was playing at the opportunity guitar-voice to the Brothers and Ocd, twenty years ago, “she said, flabbergasted that so many people have taken the time to press the” Share “button.

“I find it really hot because it is involving to share something. I was very touched by the response of people. “

In concert Thursday night

This little moment of grace on Facebook is also a foretaste of his return to the stage, Thursday night, at the Confessional (the second room of the Capitol building in Quebec), in a formula dinner-show with a limited audience. Obviously, Pascale Picard is eager to find his world.

“I started to do my warm-up voice and I practice my tunes for all the days since the show is confirmed, because, whether we like it or not, it is lost. “

A small consolation prize welcome to the one who was, in 2020, closing the last stretch of the show from his album, The Beauty We’ve Found and that was the first part of Cat Power, at the summer Festival, to its agenda.

“I was freaking out to be on the same stage as her. “In 2021, perhaps ? The future, or rather the coronavirus, will tell us.

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