A cry from the heart heard by the cabinet Carmant

Un cri du cœur entendu par le cabinet Carmant

Aware of the financial health is “precarious” workshops and business functions of the organization Laura Lémerveil, the office of the minister Lionel Carmant ensures that families who take advantage of this respite for their child with multiple disabilities will not be left behind despite the threat of closure.

The resource, which is part of a range of offers from Laura Lémerveil, has threatened to cease its operations by July 3, if Quebec was not engaged to bear half of the costs.

The Newspaper published Monday, the grievances expressed by the parents of Annie-Claude, 27 years old, suffering from a partial trisomy of chromosome 4. Victor Boudreault and Marie-Claude Desmeules said they were very worried in the face of the possible closure of this resource, without which their everyday life takes the form of a ” prison “.

Essential contribution

Quebec is already contributing to this program through the CIUSSS, including a single payment of 107 000 $ which has been done last February to help the organization complete its year.

However, the shortfall for the public contribution reaches 50 % each year is 135 000 $, evaluates the body. Its directors have challenged the new minister of Health, Christian Dubé, the day of his swearing-in last Monday, making him promise to be ” a good folder to be set in the beginning of the mandate “.

The answer is rather coming from the office of the deputy Health minister, Lionel Carmant, Monday. “It is certain that we will not let down the parents,” says Marie Barrette, director of communications at the office of Mr. Carmant.


There was “no doubt” that the workshops and business functions provide an ” essential contribution “, says Ms. Barrette. But beyond the recognition, it is still necessary that the “financial management” to be adequate, tip-t-it.

If the entourage of the minister delegate also wants to resolve the problem by 3 July, the ministry of Health should take the time to analyze the” state of situation ” within the organization.

“You need to see where the problem lies. […] You can’t always afford to bail them out in force as they are deficits. It is a matter of fairness with other organizations in the same sector, “explains the director of communications for Mr. Carmant, which ensures to be in touch “almost daily” with representatives of the organization.

The only

The ceo and founder of Laura Lémerveil, Sandra Lambert, said it was “happy” motivations set out by Quebec. It specifies, however, that the workshops and business functions ” are the only ones that, under this model, addressing adults with multiple disabilities for over 23 years in the region.”

All in all, they are about fifty families to rely on the “artisans’ Workshop ” to provide a few days of respite per week. The resource, which has closed its doors temporarily due to the pandemic, has resumed progressively its activities for the past two weeks.

Ms. Lambert has also reiterated its commitment to finding a “lasting solution” by working “hand in hand” with the government.


  • Launched in 2015
  • Offered to persons with multiple disabilities for over 23 years
  • Gives a respite to approximately 50 families of adults with severe disabilities
  • 135 000 $ of recurring shortfall, estimated to the body
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