A decision hailed

Une décision saluée

By becoming the first NFL player to make a cross on the season, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is clearly not alienated the locker room of the Chiefs of Kansas City. As head coach Andy Reid, his teammates have praised his heart-wrenching decision.

Late Friday night, Duvernay-Tardif has revealed that he would avail themselves of the escape clause negotiated between the NFL and the players Association for players who wish to avoid the risk of exposure to the COVID-19.

In its decision, the doctor has specifically mentioned that he was brought to be in a situation with significant risks, he preferred to do in treating patients and as a future health care professional, he could not afford to become a potential vector of spread.

In the world of very conservative football, such a decision could have been received with disgust. Not among the Chiefs of Kansas City.

“I’m a big fan of Laurent. I was raised by a mother, doctor and I understand the dedication that this job requires. We are all blessed to have doctors in our lives. They are people who give rather than people who are.”

“They heal us and want our good. Laurent has this quality. What he shows us, it is a devotion incredible for his profession, for his future and, above all, for the people he helps”, has praised head coach Andy Reid, at a press conference at the opening of the training camp of the team.


Even if the Chiefs will be thus deprived of their right guard and therefore it is unthinkable for the driver to hold it against the one that all Kansas City was nicknamed “Larry.”

“Would we like to be able to count on Larry? Absolutely!!! But we understand its cause,” insisted Reid.

“We had a good discussion and I am of any heart with him. The players and coaches are behind him. We know that when the football is finished, it will become one of the greatest doctors of all time! What dedication and what love it shows! I am proud of him,” added the strategist mustache.

Support in the locker room

Among the players, the situation is similar, starting with the quarterback star of the team, Patrick Mahomes.

“Everybody respects his decision 100%. To be a doctor, it is extremely important,” he said, via ESPN.

The explosive receiver Tyreek Hill, another of the stars of the team, has also spread the message of Duvernay-Tardif on his Twitter account with a mention. “My brother in the locker room I will miss, but I love this gesture”, he wrote.

Same sound of bell on the side of the marauder Tyrann Mathieu, one of the undisputed leaders of the club. “Even more glory!!! Wow!!”, he also gazouillé on Twitter in relaying the message of Duvernay-Tardif.

The base salary of Duvernay-Tardif for the next season was to be $ 2.75 million. It will instead receive an amount of $ 150,000, under the agreement on the escape clause.

A life-changing experience

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has chosen not to grant interviews to comment on his decision, but his agent and friend Sasha Ghavami ensures that the whole was at length matured, and that the shift in a CHSLD have been for him a turning point.

“Only Laurent could reply to what he experienced specifically in working in a ltc facility, but I know that for him, the experience has been significant. He has lived and felt all the stress that has fallen on health care staff to keep things the least bit in control by the time of a pandemic.

“He has always respected these people, but to mingle and see all the sacrifices they make, everything they put on the table, it has given him a appreciation new for what they are doing,” said Ghavami.

Not zero risk

In addition, the agent has assured that the withdrawal of Duvernay-Tardif for the coming season should not be interpreted as a lack of confidence with regard to the protocols of health and safety established by the NFL.

“The protocols are good for minimize the risk, but the risk will always exist. Laurent has a position which is personal, it is not based on what other players should do. It is not in disagreement with what has been put in place and it is not at all in the mission compared to this.”

A position to lose?

Since 2015, Duvernay-Tardif was established in the role of right guard runner. Taking the decision to put a line on the season 2020, it knows that it is possible that he can’t find his post on his return.

“Even when you play, there is always a risk of losing your job. Is it that there will be repercussions? Everything is possible because everything is always to do it again at football, but I’m not worried,” said Ghavami.

As to whether Duvernay-Tardif will take advantage of this break to complete his residency in medicine, or to return in a CHSLD, everything is on the table.

“It looks at all the options”, replied Ghavami. It remains to be seen, but Laurent, this is a hyperactive. It will not remain on the lines of the sides.”

The agent has also ensured that the offensive lineman doesn’t plan, for the moment, retired. “It’s going to stay in shape to continue working with the Chiefs for next season [in 2021].”

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