A decline in signed Trump

Un recul signé Trump

There is an old maxim in the black community in the United States, wanting that’ it must be two times better to go twice as far, ” wrote Michelle Obama in his biography published in 2018.

It tells the story of how, as a first family of afro-american in the White House, it was important to be even more vigilant as necessary on the issues of money and ethics.

“We were seen as representatives of Black americans. The slightest error of judgment would be amplified, dramatized. “

Thus, even if it had a budget of $ 100,000 from the federal government for the move and the decoration, Barack Obama has preferred to pay for everything out of his pocket and, using what remained of the copyright that he had earned.

Extraordinary changes

Beyond the anecdote, this story demonstrates well all the unconscious biases that exist about Blacks in the United States. The tragic death of George Floyd has more than ever highlighted.

These biases contribute significantly to racial tensions that wracked the country, and socio-economic inequalities that persist between Black and White. The figures speak for themselves : wealth, in the middle of a black family in u.s. is $ 17 to US $ 150, in the United States, compared to 171 000 US $ for a white family, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Profound changes

It was well believed in an extraordinary development, with the election of Obama in 2008. Unfortunately, a terrible decline has been in place since the election of Donald Trump, who instead of calming the game continues to throw oil on the fire.

How such a decline has he been able to operate in so little time ? This goes back to unconscious biases, which disappear should be accompanied by deep changes in the society.

Multiplying the outputs and messages of hope in the last few days, Barack Obama based his optimism on the youth. We so want to believe it.

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