A déconfinement almost total Quebec

Un déconfinement presque total au Québec

Québec is a giant leap towards a déconfinement almost total Thursday, banning now that the great events, camps and combat sports.

The national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, has announced that Montreal-thousands of Quebecers were looking forward to the opening of bars, water parks and attractions, casinos, spas, and tourist accommodation establishments.

“The general rule to be respected in these places that we are announcing today, what we need to remember, this is the 2 meters”, he argued in a press briefing.

Dr. Arruda says that the decline in the number of infections and hospitalizations due to the COVID-19 and the limited effects of the recovery on the curve up now, allow the reopening as early as this Thursday.

Rules to follow

The rules should however be followed. Catering areas will need to follow the same guidelines as restaurants for example. Of the hostels, the kitchens will remain closed. For dorms, the limit of 10 people from three homes, also applies.

The bar patrons must remain seated, to comply with social distancing.

The authorities estimate that the risk of spread are still too large for large events and festivals, already cancelled until 31 August, the summer camps and combat sports.

In addition, the professional sport will also be able to resume, but without any viewer.

The limit of 50 people into the theatres, cinemas and places of worship, for example, remains in force. But the public health does not extend this limit to 250 people later this summer, if the situation allows.

“Excessively concerned”

Even if he announced a déconfinement almost total, Dr. Arruda has said that he is “exceedingly concerned” about the release of the sanitary rules in the population.

He invited Quebecers to take advantage of the “déconfinement conditional” announced Thursday, but it warned that if the instructions are not followed, and that the number of cases increases, it will be necessary to go back.

End of balance sheets daily

Regarding the end criticized the balance sheets of the daily infections and deaths caused by the coronavirus, Dr. Arruda has defended itself by ensuring that a weekly review would be “more stable”. Public health will continue to monitor the evolution of cases each day and the surveys are always conducted.

“This is not a political decision,” he said, pretending to wanting to hide anything for Quebec.

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