A delight! Sonya Placidus surprised a cardinal change of image

The star of “Top model in Ukrainian” Sonya Placidus boasted in a new way

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Восторг! Соня Плакидюк удивила кардинальной сменой имиджа

Sonya Placidus surprised a cardinal change of image

The famous Ukrainian photographer Sonya Placidus that said, why postpone the wedding with Richard Mountain, knows how to surprise the audience with his sophisticated and unique style. Recently, the star of the project “Top model in Ukrainian” boasted a change of image. The corresponding photos are published in leading Instagram.

In the images, star photographer appeared short, but still the flaming red hair and thick bangs in the style of the ‘ 70s. “I Want my kids to show their grandchildren photos from 2019 and saying: “a mother-that was our lady”, signed post Sonia.

Placidus also added that for her the time has come for bizarre experiments. “Tsogo rock Your shanovni kits-MATIC turned 30 I literally one of the moment to head hopped rozumna scho TSE — the best hour for salena experiments povsyakdennogo the vihod iz Zoni comfort Gold pognana vzhe chimala clast dowu iz has not showsm of obvisley cityname give zmogu experimentati iz soundnote s nathnennya, that is not without viagrago rational,” said Sonia in Instagram.

Earlier, famous Ukrainian choreographer Richard horn has proposed to Sonya, Placidus with which they met on the project “Top model in Ukrainian.” It happened in the Studio of the show “surprise, Surprise!”, where Sonia was invited as a guest, in order, supposedly, to fulfill the dream of her fans. But in the end, in the center of the surprise appeared to be Placidus.

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