A distraction might be in question

Une distraction pourrait être en cause

NICOLET | A distraction of a fraction of a second could be the cause of the tragedy that claimed the lives of a couple and a child of 4 years, Saturday, in a collision between personal watercraft in the Centre-du-Québec.

The atmosphere was heavy, Sunday morning, at the nautical Club of Batture de Nicolet, near the place where the young family was cut short Saturday afternoon.

Alexandre Gauthier, 34 years, Edith Atwood, 32 years old, and Mavrick their 4-year old son had no chance when a watercraft has struck them from behind and jumped on their boat.

The victims Alexandre Gauthier with his son, Mavrick 4 year old.

“This is a day very sad for the community. In addition to that it happens to the feast of the Fathers, ” let fall the mayor of the municipality, Geneviève Dubois.


Edith Gélinas

According to the boaters who were on the scene during the drama, the small family has slowed when she came to the side of a buoy, which displays a maximum of 5 km/h, close to the marina.

This would have the effect of slightly stalling the rear of the vehicle in the water.

Except that a friend of the father, who followed them on a second watercraft with an 8 year old girl, would have been a distraction and would not have managed to avoid them.

His gear would have altogether passed over, ripping up the handlebar to the passage.

Have good reflexes

It may happen that people do not always have the good reflexes in the watercraft, according to the captain of the docks of the yacht Club of the Batture, Claude Pepin. It is that there is no brake as on a snowmobile or a motorcycle,

“It is absolutely necessary to give it gas to turn. Most people try to slow down, but it’s not slow down “, he explains.

The watercraft on which sailed the family.

Under the shock

The latter was on the ground, on Saturday when the tragedy happened, but he did not see the collision.

He heard a noise, turned his head and saw the victims in the water.

Une distraction pourrait être en cause

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Claude Pepin
Club nautique de la Batture

Boaters aboard the pontoons were immediately rushed to their rescue, without success.

“Everyone is in shock,” he says, believing that it is a stupid accident.

This is also part of the hypotheses tested by the Sûreté du Québec, which is conducting an investigation and is working with the coroner to establish the exact circumstances of the tragedy.

“Everyone has done everything he could,” says the director of the fire Service Nicolet, Martin Provencher.

A lady is involved

On the verge of tears, he commended, in particular a woman who has made a cardiac massage long minute on an adult victim. Almost 45 minutes, evaluate it, still puzzled.

Mr. Provencher has also recalled Sunday all the firefighters who took part in the intervention, to ensure their status and inform them of the employee assistance program.

“We used never to these interventions there. Especially that there is a child involved. Emotionally, it is not easy for anyone “, he concludes.

Relatives of the victims have indicated Sunday that they wish to live their mourning in privacy.

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