A doctor anti-mask

Un médecin anti-masque

The owner of medical clinics Lacroix, Dr. Marc Lacroix who was the first to offer a serological test to detect the COVID-19, in addition to his publications against wearing a mask mandatory its page on Facebook while addressing the Dr. Arruda of ” jester “.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Lacroix has been particularly present in the mass media, in particular for the promotion of its screening test for the COVID-19. However, Dr. Lacroix has also multiplied the statements controversial, especially on the chloroquine, but also on the effects of estrangement.

Several times on the radio he questioned the directive, saying that there was “no data that supports” the distancing. He also adds that one “should stop listening to” the WHO, ” a body clearly political “.

However, it was on his personal page that the Dr. Lacroix is the more incisive. On several occasions, the doctor has shared the petition ” Not the port of the mask required in closed public spaces in Quebec.” Petition which was withdrawn because it broke the rules of the community.

The imposition of the mask to the discovery of a vaccine would be ” pure madness “, according to which one likes to recall that “60 %” of the population is against the wearing of the mask. Dozens of publications are made each day that are linked to the ads of its clinical and comments anti-mask. The doctor has also relayed this week by the publication promoting a protest against the wearing of masks compulsory, which took place yesterday in front of the national Assembly by indicating ” shared “. It is an event organised by the Foundation for the defense of the rights and liberties of the people of the complotiste Stéphane Blais.

Arruda, a ” jester “

Marc Lacroix takes it regularly to his colleague, the national director of the Quebec public health Horacio Arruda that he treats of ” jester “. According to him, Dr. Arruda has “no more credibility” because of his “blunders” and its ” contradictions “. A multitude of times, he has relayed an announcement of the “good doctor Arruda” which dates from the beginning of the pandemic, where it says that ” the mask is not a means of prevention of infections “.

At the beginning of June, before the growing number of publications on social media “doctors who denied the importance of the virus,” the College of physicians has made a call for caution. “The physicians maintain their ethical obligations, even when they express a personal point of view on social media “.

The College of physicians can not tell whether a complaint has been made against Dr. Lacroix. A folder becomes public only after the investigation, when a complaint is filed with the trustee. Dr. Lacroix has not responded to our calls to respond.

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