A dog and three cats

Une chienne et trois chattes

Stéphane Raymond, is the man behind the character of Synvain Renovates whose capsules to be humorous are all the rage on the web. The COVID-19 has not stopped and has even stimulated his creativity. Stéphane Raymond is surrounded by females… He speaks of his entire menagerie and especially Louie, a dog with character.

Tell us about your pets.

My girlfriend, my two daughters and I live with three cats for years. I’m surrounded by girls, and female animals. The oldest of the cats was 15 years ago. It has had several names, but it is nicknamed The Big one, name that it bears, because it is a eating compulsively. It looks like she has a fear of running out of food. As soon as she finishes her bowl, she asks for more. We also have a cat of 8 years that we bought for the girls instead of the rabbit they wanted. It is nicknamed The Crazy one, because it is extremely unpredictable. It is fine, but one can hardly trust him. When one flatters her, at a time, it can bite and scratch all of a sudden. It has also kept her daughter, Gigi, 7 years old, who has not had a mother’s love. In fact, it was thought that it was a male and was called Gino until the day the veterinarian, we learned that Gino was a girl… We also have a young dog of 2 years old by the name of Loulou.

Of all of these animals, which is your favorite ?

I’m more dog than cat in general, because I have more interactions with a dog. So, my favorite, this is Loulou. It’s a bitch labrador cross golden black color. Very slender and active. She is my ” gym “, at the same time. It allows me to do sports. We run together and we play a lot.

What is the reason that you pushed to have this dog with you ?

We had a labernois for 11 years by the name of Kali. My girlfriend works from home and Kali had a presence to it. His death has left a void at home. So, we wanted another dog. Usually, we choose our dogs in shelters, but this time, it has been found in a good family in Lachute.

How to describe in a few sentences the personality of Louie ?

I thought I had chosen the puppy, the more relaxed of the range, but in the end, even if it is relaxing at times, Louie is very active and has a lot of character. It is a good dog, but let’s say that she is not docile. It tends to do in his head and needs to be framed with a little authority. It requires a little more work than a dog, in fact, education. We also consulted with a dog trainer.

What is his favorite activity ?

It is a labrador, so she loves the water. As soon as one opens the barrier of the swimming pool, Louie is already in it and go for a swim. It is a bit like me on it… I like the lakes, rivers, swimming pools, etc

What would you have liked to know before you obtain this animal ?

If it was to do over again, I informerais more and I would choose according to the behaviors related to the breed of the dog to have a dog a little less active… It is intense, a labrador, in fact ! Louie needs to spend. I’m doing the tour of the mountain with it to race. When it leaves, it is a ball. It is a beautiful problem, because the more she runs, the more it is shaped, and the more it is shaped, the more it has need to run.

About Stéphane Raymond

  • Creator and designer of funny characters popular on the web.
  • In 2013, he created the character of Rod’s to Chest-Arms, web series nomination at the gala des Olivier and, more recently, Synvain, the character featured web capsules Synvain Renovating, series adapted and distributed this winter to the television on the airwaves of Z.
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