A dozen cats pulled the peashooter in Sherbrooke

Une dizaine de chats tirés à la carabine à plomb à Sherbrooke

SHERBROOKE | At least a dozen cats have been taken to target by a person or persons armed with a peashooter in the last few weeks in Sherbrooke.

Various cat owners have shared on social networks, in the last days, pictures of their pet hit by a projectile of the air gun.

“We visited four of the complaints that have been filed to the police department, [but] there are really a lot more cases than this that have not necessarily been reported to the department. It would be at least a dozen complaints since the beginning of the summer,” confirmed Samuel Ducharme, a spokesperson for the Service de police de Sherbrooke, VAT New.

The police opened an investigation, but to trace the shooters should be complex. “These are crimes that are difficult to resolve, because it is a bit random. The animals of the people go out for several hours and when they return, we don’t really know where they were,” said the officer Ducharme.

However, these gestures free could cost dear to their author, if he is traced.

“It is a crime which is codified in the criminal Code. […] The person who is convicted of such an offence is liable to a prison sentence of two years less a day, in some cases, and it can go up to five years in other cases,” said the attorney, Me Jean-Guillaume Blanchette.

– With the information of Eve Beauregard, VAT New

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