A dozen Quebecers stuck in South Africa

About ten Quebeckers stuck in South Africa

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A dozen Quebecers, including the neuropsychologist Guillaume Dulude, find themselves stranded in South Africa, while they were on a journey of surpassing themselves in remote areas of the country.

The group, which was due to return to Quebec on Wednesday, has no news from the Canadian Embassy in South Africa. & nbsp;

“The embassy seems to have its hands tied because there is no way out. Airlines are not available to take us out of the country. There is currently no air carrier. We don't really know where to turn and we are caught here for the moment, ”explains Guillaume Dulude live from Grahamstown, in an interview with Mario Dumont . & Nbsp;

Concerns around the Omicron variant have been felt for a few days now. & Nbsp;

“It's been a week since we are aware that there is something emerging that it is difficult, that the variant will put obstacles in the way. We have no response or contact with the embassy, ​​”said Mr. Dulude. & Nbsp;

According to his observations, locals are in shock to see the emergence of this new strain of COVID-19 in the country. & Nbsp;

“It's like people don't believe it so much , they are a little disillusioned. […] There are no major changes in behavior or in policies here. It was a big bang that happened from day to day, “continues the neuropsychologist. & Nbsp;

If the goal of the trip was to overcome hardships, that of the new variant is one for the whole group, which shows solidarity in this new experience. & Nbsp;

“I am lucky because it is an exceptional group. That was the purpose of this expedition: to be ready to face any eventuality, and there, on the way back, we have a new little test for us. We are going to use the same strategies to keep our cool, as in the past few weeks, “says the expert.

If he says he is “well” in southern Africa, responsibilities await him in Quebec, as for several members of the group, who are all doing very well, both physically and psychologically.

“We try to focus on what we can control. The panic isn't there at all. It would take us a transporter to at least repatriate us. We agree that … it's not a question of travel, it's a question of coming back home. Some Canadian or Quebec support would be necessary. […] It is certain that the additional delays, that creates quite a chaos in our personal and professional lives, it is clear ”, he concludes.

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