“A fabulous recognition”: the Montpellier Oppi games won gold and silver at the Lépine competition

“A fabulous recognition”: the Montpellier Oppi games won gold and silver at the Lépine competition

Hansel Schloupt, founder of the Oppi brand. Free Midi – GIACOMO ITALIANO

The two creations Stix and Stak walked away with the highest distinctions. A fair reward given the ideas and work accomplished.

In life, we can transform a terrible experience into a magnificent project. This is the case of Hansel Schloupt who drew on his not-too-happy childhood to create toys with his brother Bastien, but not just any toys…

Around the age of 7, Hansel, the youngest of the family, suffered a fracture after being pushed by a dog. The story could have ended with a good cast but on the x-ray, the doctors observed a serious abnormality in the bones, without being able to make a diagnosis. Then began a long medical wandering and repeated hospitalizations.

It’s his own mother who will put a name to this extremely rare disease – through research and forums on the internet – and which will allow him, at the age of 16, to benefit from an experimental American treatment which will cure him almost completely.

But Hansel spent his childhood in hospital services."Games and toys kept me busy. Staying in the hospital is never very happy and it's especially long." And to remember: "The warmest wards are those where the children are most seriously ill."

Putting design at the service of education

During his studies in design, a field in which he excelled, Hansel designed a game for autistic children. "I noticed that it had an impact on the construction of a child and it even helped create a bond."& nbsp;This stimulating and concrete project will be praised: he will receive a prize while he is still only a student.

With this background and after having brilliantly succeeded in his course, the idea of ​​creating his own brand intrigues him: designing his own games, but not n&rsquo ;no matter how, "by putting design at the service of education".

One evening, he manages to convince his brother, who is working in a thriving business, to take the plunge. "We are very complementary and we wanted to do something that we liked and made sense."

And that’s how in 2020, Oppi was born. "For the name we took inspiration from Finnish, which we could define as know-how, education and learning, but it also brings to mind the contraction in English of Hope and Happyness",or hope and joy. All-encompassing meanings, the definition of play for Hansel and his brother.

A long, tested and approved work

So they get to work designing a construction game. "We designed Piks to work on motor skills. The game was intended and adapted for children with ADHD who suffer from attention disorders."

And nothing is left to chance: "We think about everything, the colors, the materials so that they are noble but also practical" like wood, silicone which clings…

Same for Flot, a range for the bath. The hygienic aspect has been studied to avoid mold and so that these games can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

“A fabulous recognition”: the Montpellier Oppi games won gold and silver at the Lépine competition

Award-winning games. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

The range of Oppi games

Since its creation, Oppi offers four ranges of games.

Piks:educational construction game designed to develop attention and concentration with multiple combinations to imagine in different ways. the desire for assemblies which must hold in balance, composed of wooden trays and cones.

Flot : this is a range of bath toys that comes with everyone a different game function. There is Tako the octopus, Kaba the hippopotamus and Kuji the whale.

Stix : construction game that helps develop children's creativity of the child. Like Piks but this time with cylinders, half-spheres à stack.

Stak : this game is a variation of the famous baby toy  eacute;, the stackable pyramid. Stak allows you to make a tower by differentiating colors and using different colors. orient yourself in space.

It is possible to find Oppi games in toy stores or to order them directly on the site.

"We're taking our time. We don't necessarily produce a lot of products." Indeed, each new game is produced in a year and a half or two years.

Between the idea and the design, they are forced to go through numerous stages: we speak with specialists, we have the products tested by children, parents , but also child psychologists, occupational therapists…

Once on the market, the games appeal to children and parents but they are also praised by professionals.

Lépine competition and other distinctions

"It’is fabulous",confides one of the founders of Oppi with bright eyes. At the last Lépine competition, the Schloupt brothers left with several medals. "We already have had distinctions, but Lépine is different, çit brings together beyond` of the world of toys and it rewards the sideé inventor. This is quite a recognition."

Stix, who also received the Paris Mayor's Prize for the occasion, obtained the gold medal in the category gorie Art of living and Stak, the silver medal.

Oppi also received the Toy Award (a distinction from the Nuremberg Motor Show, very popular with toy professionals) as well as the Spielgut label, very qualitative in the world of the game.

Evolution, appropriation

But what Hansel is most proud of, – apart from the numerous awards received – This is because the children appropriate the games offered in their own way.

"Our games are tested at school in independent or group workshops, and the children get to grips with them , some divert them in incredible ways." A way to get inspired, to evolve the base and even to create extensions, recharges…

They thus make the games evolve over time, adapt them… And without revealing anything, a new project is underway and promises to once again attract users young and old and professionals from early childhood and the toy world. A little patience required for its release scheduled in a few months…

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