A face-to-face unlikely

Un face-à-face peu probable

Kanye West, president of the United States ? Not so fast, warns an expert from quebec. If the famous rapper has declared its intention to launch a presidential campaign, Saturday night, the slope in front of him is extremely steep.

“We have to realize now the promise of America by trusting in God, in uniting our visions and building our future. I am a candidate for the presidency of the United States, ” tweeted the artist, 43-year-old to 21 h Saturday evening of the national holiday of the Americans.

The cloth was immediately ignited, the tweets being shared over half a million times. “You have my total support ! “he has even answered the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk.

This is the radio silence since, except for a tweet where Kanye West wrote ” shelters Yeezy (YZY SHLTRS) in construction “, with a photo of the skeleton of a spherical structure. The same hashtag as the previous day concluded the message : #2020VISION.

In the conditional

Still, the mystery plane to find out if “Yeezy” will go really forward, who had already alluded to, in the past, to his desire to run for the presidency one day. The ballot shall take place on 3 November, which leaves him with little time to put together a presidential campaign worthy of the name.

“We are obliged to use the conditional to a presidential campaign. Anyone can send this tweet. There is a margin between a tweet of 280 characters and [the fact of] deploy a campaign, ” says associate researcher at the Raoul Dandurand Chair Rafael Jacob.

Brakes institutional

Beyond its chances of gaining access to the White House from a political point of view, “institutional issues” may primarily undermine its aspirations to less than four months to the day of voting, said Mr. Jacob.

“Each State has its own rules for a candidate to qualify for the ballot. It is excessively difficult, and it takes a huge organization. This is not a chance if there are only two major parties in the United States. Without major organizational activities already in place, it is extremely difficult to do a campaign, ” he explains.

“Superman “

If Kanye West was going really forward, his candidacy would paint a table very unique in a presidential race, with Donald Trump and the democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The rapper, whose mental health has raised many concerns in recent years, had expressed a strong support to the current president on the occasion of a visit to the oval office in October 2018. Decked out in a red cap ” Make America Great Again “, it was stated, in particular, that put on this head covering did feel like ” Superman “. This is without counting the feast which would be presented to the press to gossip, with a clash featuring Trump and his wife Melania, against West and his wife, Kim Kardashian.

“I am very, very skeptical. And I would have excessively been the same if he had announced his candidacy for four years, ” says Rafael Jacob. I find it hard to see how voters democrats may think that he is on their side. “

Even if his chances of being elected were anemic, the simple fact of notching a few tens of thousands of votes could, however, have a major impact on the outcome of the November election. In 2016, ” Donald Trump has won an election to be extremely close, which is decided by less than 100,000 voters in three States “, recalls Rafael Jacob.

Seriously ?

Now all that remains is to see if there will be ” an effort is remotely serious “, more concrete than a tweet to confirm the intentions of the colorful rapper.

“We’ll worry about it then, but there really is not for the moment “, says Mr Jacob.

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