A factory in masks opens in Montreal

Une usine à masques ouvre à Montréal

MONTREAL | The company AMD Medicom has announced on Tuesday the opening of its factory of masks montreal should, in the end, produce tens of millions of masks per year.

After agreeing with the federal government, the firm established in Pointe-Claire, but present a little bit everywhere in the world, has managed to establish its plant in the borough of Saint-Laurent in three months.

Eventually, it will have 15 production lines that can provide 150 million surgical masks and N95 per year, explained AMD Medicom Tuesday in a statement written only in English.

The company has started the production of surgical masks in its new factory in July and will do the same shortly with the N95 masks, which is in keeping with the objectives set, has been provided.

“We are excited that the production has been started in a record time, helping to provide products that will help protect the health professionals for the years to come,” welcomed the president and chief executive officer of AMD Medicom, Guillaume Laverdure.

The company was heard last spring, to provide 10 million N95 masks and 24 million surgical masks to the canadian government per year, for a period of 10 years. The amount of the contract offered otc did not, however, been unveiled.

However, according to what has been reported to the site Blacklock”s Reporter on Monday, and the National Post on Tuesday, the contract was awarded to the quebec company would be worth $382 million.

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