A family loads up on work and volunteering

Une famille carbure au travail et au bénévolat

No question of remaining with arms crossed in full pandemic for a family in the soul of Saint-Lambert, who works seven days a week for 10 weeks to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19.

“We have two arms, two legs, one is in health, it can work. Why not give everything, ” asks Bertha Sasseville, attorney, physician and co-director of the medical Clinic urban of the Latin Quarter, Montréal.

While she and her two daughters, Camille, 21 years, bachelor’s degree in nursing, and Sophie, 22 years old, a student in veterinary medicine, are working hard at the clinic, the father, Philippe Angers, was involved in volunteer from different organizations.

Mr. Angers is a consultant in business development for an engineering firm. As the work has slowed down during the crisis, he took the opportunity to do even more volunteering.

He has served on the board of directors of the Mira foundation.

“I’m raising money for the fondation du CHUM (centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal] in a special fund COVID-19, I worked in the food banks, I do errands for the elders and I call the people alone,” explains humbly Mr. Angers, who says he is “very proud” of the three women in his life.

“Since the COVID, they work from morning to evening,” he adds.

Protect the most vulnerable

Dr. Sasseville specializes in the treatment of infections by HIV, hepatitis, mental health, homelessness, and addiction, in addition to providing care in general medicine.

During the crisis, the clinic has received several of these cases which were outside of the CHUM.

As soon as Quebec has declared a health emergency on 14 march, it has taken major steps to reorganize the inner-city clinic, whose clientele is often vulnerable or immunosupprimée.

The two sisters were immediately put hand to the dough. In spite of the distance studies, it was unthinkable for them not to go to the front.

“I like better to go to help that stay with us. For me, this is important, let it go Camille. Delivery canadian emergency, I leave to those who really need it. “

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