A family went into exile in the forest for the summer

Une famille s’exile en forêt pour l’été

A small family left at the beginning of June his apartment in the Limoilou area to go to live all the summer in the middle of nature in the north of the Lac-Saint-Jean, with the only roof tent-trailer, while living in voluntary simplicity and away from the stress of the pandemic.

Alexandra Simard, his spouse, Sebastien Harry Deschênes, and their three children 10 months, 3 years and 5 years have left the city on June 2 to live this experience out of the ordinary.

Ms. Simard had the coffee O Village, in the district of Limoilou, in Quebec city. The small business family-oriented, unfortunately, had not survived the economic shock caused by the pandemic.

Her husband, a musician in the group Dance Laury Dance, has also seen its number of musical projects put on pause, because of the health crisis.

“I had nothing that I kept back here, all the stars were aligned for that one embarks on this adventure,” says the mother of a family.

Garden and hens

The family intends to live as much as possible of what it will grow. The father of Alexandra, who owns the land where settled the family, has prepared a garden. “We’re going to finish it off with seedlings that I’ve already made a push and we will also have chickens “, she says.

In addition to push his food through a garden, the family also has chickens which it consumes the eggs.

It has also provided a grocery store full of vegan ingredients before you leave in order to avoid going out of their site as much as possible. “We will be a lot in the self-sufficiency. We don’t want to go there and do waste, ” she continued.

She adds that they will place themselves in quarantine at their arrival, in order to comply with the health standards.

In harmony with nature

The mother is determined to be eco-friendly, despite a small last still in diapers.

“I have cloth diapers that I will wash my myself in the woods. “

For water, the family supplied daily to a natural spring near the site. “Every day, we will go look for it by walking,” says the mother of a family.

The family supplied with water through a natural source located in the vicinity of the site.

She intends to use that experience to make the education of his children different and fun way. “I brought plenty of books, such as one that offers experiences with the water, and another which deals with the identification of the animals here. “

Ms. Simard believes that the life in the forest, their will be less expensive than in the city, as they will cultivate the essence of what they eat.

His spouse receives the PCU and, for its part, believes that it will be able to meet the family needs with the allowances for his children, as well as her small craft business.

She has brought all the necessary to realize his or her work creative.

You can follow the adventures of the family on the page Facebook The happy Niaiseuse.

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