A famous influencer ends up in a wheelchair for holding back her farts

Famous influencer ends up in a wheelchair for holding back farts


Followered by more than 20 million people, Brazilian influencer Viih Tube has revealed having to use a wheelchair to alleviate pain whose origin is somewhat laughable.

The 21-year-old Brazilian has split a storyon her Instagram account to warn her admirers that she was in a wheelchair at a Portuguese airport, reported The Sun.

Faced with the wave of concern caused by the news, she had no other choice but to give the reasons for the situation.

The latter, then on a trip to Portugal for a music festival, was too embarrassed to issue flatulence in the presence of his companion. The problem: keeping gaseous emissions can lead to significant abdominal pain.

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Fortunately, this condition is not dangerous, and the young woman has recovered from the severe pain she suffered.

The Sun recalls that an adult relieves himself approximately 15 times a day, which produces the equivalent in gas of two glasses of cola.