A fascinating book for leisure, which is worth a read at home

Evenings in July are perfect for reading exciting books

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Увлекательные книги для досуга, которые стоит почитать дома

What to read at your leisure

In the summer we usually go on vacation, but what about those who long-awaited vacation only “shines”. The choice is obvious — an interesting book, a comfortable chair and a Cup of drink, especially when the weather forecast changed almost every hour.

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So book a vacation home will fill with energy for the new working days. The more that the leisure time also will satisfy you intellectually.

Charles Martin’s “the Mountain between us”

Увлекательные книги для досуга, которые стоит почитать дома

A novel about the search for love

Everyone loves stories about love, especially about love under extreme conditions. What would happen if Blizzard was forced to get stuck in the mountains two people who have fully formed personalities, have their preferences and their life. The journalist and the surgeon is about to meet with their favorite parts, waiting for them at home, but the crash radically changing their plans, because the pilot suddenly dies. Man and woman are left alone with mountains, snow and the desire to survive among the snow-capped mountains. It is in these harsh conditions, they realize that was not what it seemed, and fall in love with each other. Will they be able to escape from the deadly zone of the mountains, if they can help new feelings or only hinder recovery, learn from the book by American author Charles Martin’s “the Mountain between us.” We will add that book so fascinated readers that based on it was shot the same film-melodrama.

It’s not about monthly survival in the mountains, but about something deeper. The book is easy to read, and it’s a great choice for home easy reading.

Chloe Benjamin’s “the explorers of immortality”

Увлекательные книги для досуга, которые стоит почитать дома

A cozy book that is read for the evening

Another book in our collection is a family Saga with elements of mysticism, which is surprisingly easy to read — almost over night. If you like fascinating stories about the prediction, this story will perfectly decorate your summer leisure. This book raises the question of whether or not to look into the prophecies, especially if they are spread over five decades. The characters in this book begin to explore the longevity to try to avoid death. Those who seek immortality, you will need to obtain between real life and the fantastic dreams, the decrepit and future, love and trials. “Seekers of immortality” is a fascinating novel with an interesting storyline, which will be a real decoration of your home in the evening.

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Also, this strange book raises the question, what happens if you know the date of his own death. Will you do something to avoid it and not go crazy with this knowledge. This book makes you think about what’s inside, about thoughts of death, from which none can escape. At the same time, after reading this work, everyone will reflect on how to live your life.

Увлекательные книги для досуга, которые стоит почитать дома

Sofia Andrukhovych “Felix Austria”

A fascinating journey through time in Ivano-Frankovsk awaits you in the pages of the book “Felix Austria” Sofia Andrukhovych. This novel was published a few years ago, but it seized the Ukrainian readers that it was re-released. Also soon to be available to Ukrainian film adaptation of this work, the characters who will be dressed in incredible costumes.

This novel — in order to remember your past diaries, secrets, experiences. This is a story about relationships on the background of a town on the outskirts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, will appeal to those who love stories, stories about old times Ukrainian cities, the immersion in a certain era, when clothes and gossip help to create the illusion of time.

So this book is perfect for those who have free time in the evening and want to spend your leisure time with a wonderful and interesting book that is filled with Galician flavor.

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