A father is guilty of luring 34 teens on the internet

Un père est coupable d’avoir leurré 34 ados sur internet

A Montrealer who has lured no less than 34 teenage girls on the internet was sentenced Tuesday to 48 months in prison, even if he did not incur more than 90 days to be served on the weekends.

“He always had multiple windows of chat on his computer screen, he has obtained pictures of 11 victims, in many cases, it has offered to meet with them,” explained the judge Mylène Grégoire, before condemning Guillaume Poitras, Tuesday, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

The man, 37-year-old is an accountant, father of two children, described as a ” first class “, involved in many organizations. But in 2010, it was also a cyberdépendant who could spend 12 hours every day in playing games or chatting online.

But what his wife long ignored, is that it was his time to lure teenage girls on the internet.

“His approach was to initiate private conversations with women or girls, explained the judge. And even once informed of the age [of the questioner], he continued the conversation. “

Willing to pay

Soon, Poitras brought the girls, aged 11 to 17 years, on topics of a sexual nature. His language was raw and detailed, and in some cases, he did not hesitate to suggest illegal acts.

The judge gave the example of a conversation with a teenager of 13 years, during which the man invited him to have a sexual relationship with a child of 8 years.

“In the case of four victims, he says he is ready to pay [for sex] “, she added.

The lures of Poitras are spread out over two and a half years. They have, however, by the end of October 2012, when he set to converse with some Sandrine, aged 14 years. Except that he didn’t know was that the teen was in fact a police of the Sûreté du Québec.

Over the exchanges, the two have agreed to a meeting in a restaurant, and when he presented himself on the spot, the police immediately arrested.

It is by analysing his computers that the interviewers carried out the number of victims he had made.

Child pornography

Guilty of lures, but also of production of child pornography for his writings involving minors, Poitras denied, however, any sexual deviance.

He had also pleaded never to have met his victims, which made it all less serious.

“The luring of a child should never be seen as a victimless crime, said the judge, citing the supreme Court. Here, there were 34 true victims. “

Thus, even if Poitras has no criminal history, even if the risk of recidivism is low, the judge swept from the back of the hand the suggestion of 90 days to be served on the weekends. She was instead sentenced to 48 months of incarceration, as requested by the Crown.

And once free, he will be banned from attending public parks and swimming pools, except for certain exceptions in relation to his children, and his access to the internet will be limited.

His name has also been entered in the register of sexual offenders.

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