“A few accelerations to take advantage of the engine”: a Porsche gathering wakes up Sète to support a good cause

“A few accelerations to take advantage of the engine”: a Porsche gathering wakes up Sète to support a good cause

16 Porsches from the Porsche Club Pays de Savoie were present. Midi Libre – Kelman Marti

This Saturday, April 20, the Copains d’first association organized a Porsche gathering at Place Victor Hugo in collaboration with the Porsche Club Pays de Savoie.

"They are beautiful", "oh the noise", "I’would like to buy one&quot ;… In Sète, this Saturday April 20, the hundred young and old on Place Victor Hugo were amazed by around ten Porsches. The reason for this gathering ? An event organized by the Copains d’first association and the Porsche Club Pays de Savoie for several reasons.

An event for the benefit of an association

"On the one hand, it allows the Sétois to discover Porsches, to do baptisms and to participate in the oval ball championship. On the other hand, the members of the Savoyard association will visit Sète and the region and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area, summarizes José Linarès, president of Copains d& rsquo;first, before specifying. If we are here today, it is also for a good cause. The funds collected this Saturday will be donated to Orphéopolis."

"This money will help the orphans of police officers. There are around 450 in the South, part of which is in the children's village of Agde, adds Pascal Pouget-Blanc, police officer and zonal manager. nbsp;of the association, while enthusiasts and the curious gather little by little in the event, around 11 a.m.

"A few accelerations to take advantage of the engine"

Among them, Gilbert. This retiree from Savoie traveled at the wheel of his "911 Carrera 4GTS phase 1 as he likes to recall". "I bought it once I retired. Today, we're giving the benefit to those present, he says from his seat. For him, it’s driving "quiet", and obviously, "some accelerations for take advantage of the engine (400 horsepower)".

In his place on the right, as in those of the other owners, all types of people parade for baptisms. From Daniel the grandfather to his grandson, old enough to go to primary school, without forgetting Porsche enthusiasts or the simply curious. "Personally, I came to benefit the little one and also to get on board a Boxter, because I’ would like to buy one, < /em>explains Daniel, with a smile on his lips, after a tour of around ten minutes in Sète.

Not far from him, Emmanuel Lhomme-Choulet, member of Copains d’first and organizer of the Porsche Club Pays de Savoie weekend outing, is enjoying this beautiful day. "This morning, we took a walk in the Thau basin. Now we are in Sète under the sun. Then, tomorrow we will go to the Navacelles circus. I am frankly happy with this journey", he says, while the baptisms follow one after the other and the call of the aperitif begins. felt for some. After the roar of the engines, the lunch break is essential.

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