A few days after his release from prison, he commits an armed robbery

Quelques jours après sa sortie de prison, il commet un vol à main armée

MONTREAL | A man has had the audacity to commit an armed robbery at a financial institution located 400 metres from the headquarters of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), Thursday morning.

It is the branch of the Bank of Montreal installed at the ground floor of the headquarters of Hydro-Quebec, on René-Lévesque boulevard West, which has been referred to by the individual.

The crime was committed shortly after 10 a.m. and the man was arrested 30 minutes later, while he was at the Rockland Centre in the town related to Mount Royal.

According to the information of the QMI Agency, the thief was released a few days earlier from the federal penitentiary in Port-Cartier.

During the armed robbery, he would have stolen a sum of a few thousands of dollars by threatening an employee with a firearm.

The money has been recovered, according to the police Department of the City of Montreal, but it is not known if the weapon was able to be entered.

The SPVM has explained that a witness told him that the robber had fled in a taxi. The police were able to track the taxi, thanks to the geolocation and the driver informed them that he had deposited the suspect in the Rockland Center. This is where it has been pinned.

Division, major crimes has taken the investigation in hand.

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