A few more days to visit the artisans of Plein art in Quebec

A few more days to visit the artisans of Plein art in Quebec< /p> UPDATE DAY

There are still a few days left to take advantage of the Plein Art event taking place at Espace 400e in the Old Port of Quebec until August 14.  

This activity, which highlights the work of artisans, is presented under the sign of reunion since the event marks its 40th anniversary and is back in attendance after two years of absence. 

The pandemic has been experienced with difficulty by artisans, underlines Julien Silvestre, general manager of the Conseil des métiers d'art de Québec. 

“There was no Full Art for three years. So it's the first edition since 2019,” he recalls. 

Even if attendance had reached nearly 160,000 visitors at that time, the organizers are not hiding that the numbers will be lower this year.  

“It will definitely not be a record year. People need to find their event. There are many things happening in Quebec. There is a lot of people. People who come buy. So the craftsmen are happy. Visitors have more time to talk to the artisans,” says the general manager.

“After two years of pandemic, we have seen the place of digital and online sales. It worked, but the heart of fine crafts is the material. You have to be able to see, touch and hear the stories artisans have to tell about how they create. So, it is for this reason that the events in the presence are important”, he added.  

“For a week, we have seen it. People are happy to be able to interact,” continued Mr. Silvestre.  

According to the organizers, it is too early to know the drop in traffic. Of the 120 artisans present in 2019, there are around 70 this year.  

“There are a few fewer craftsmen too. The pandemic has been very hard on artisans. Many have gone out of business. The end of traditional platforms was very hard. Income has disappeared for artisans. There are many who have converted to other things such as teaching crafts. There are also many who have left the industry. Those who are there are resilient people, entrepreneurs who are strong enough to get through it. Also, to be able to come back in an event, you have to be able to produce. The materials are very expensive. Buying copper and glass is very expensive.” 

The event, presented by the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec, took off on August 2. For Mr. Silvestre, Plein Art represents a love story with the people of Quebec, after 40 years.  

“It's time to meet artisans and encourage the local economy. Two-thirds of artisans are women who have an entrepreneurial practice in the region and which creates jobs and value. I encourage people to come and live this experience”, underlines Mr. Silvestre.  

Plein Art is full of creations that are worth seeing: jewelry, vases, clothes, sculptures of all kinds bear witness to the passion of craftsmen to transform matter while revealing their creative qualities.