A fifty-year-old died during a police intervention in Thetford Mines

Un quinquagénaire décède lors d’une intervention de la police de Thetford Mines

The Office of the independent surveys (EIB) is investigating the death of a civilian 54-year-old during a police intervention of the Sûreté municipale de Thetford Mines, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

According to the preliminary information obtained by the EIB, a call has been made to expel a man from a residence, to 20: 30 on 1 July. The individual in question is the former spouse of the lady living in the home.

The police would then be rendered on the scene to find that the man would be quickly barricaded in the family home, while the lady was still outside.

The peace officers would then be able to discuss a few seconds with the civil, before it refuses any discussion. A number of techniques to get in touch with the fifty-year-old would then have been put into practice, in vain.

Using the Group tactics of intervention (GTI) of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) would have then been requested by the police in Thetford Mines, for their assistance.

The suspect then reportedly found lifeless in the residence, towards 6 o’clock. Thursday morning. According to the information received, the latter would have returned a weapon against him.

Eight investigators from the EIB will arrive on the scene of the incident around 10.30 am, Thursday morning. The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), which will act as the body of police support, will also provide two technicians in criminal identification in this survey.

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