A fight every moment against Lyme disease

Contracting Lyme disease can turn into a nightmare, especially in Quebec, where doctors’ knowledge of this condition remains limited. The Magogoise Nadia Labbé is convinced of being affected by this tick-borne disease, but will probably have to fly to Germany to finally be entitled to the treatments she wants.
A aving received several medical consultations in recent years, Nadia Labbe never received a diagnosis of Lyme disease from a Quebec doctor. But samples taken from her last year were sent to Germany and the results were apparently unequivocal.

The symptoms present in the young woman are many: blurred vision, loss of balance, tingling, migraines very common, heart pain, “migratory” pain and more. Her condition has even forced her to stay in the hospital a few times recently.

“The doctors I consulted found different things for me,” she says. For example, I was told that I was probably pregnant, that I had fibromyalgia, migraine, stomach problems and others. It was finally a Magog chiropractor who recommended me to a collection clinic and allowed me to have a diagnosis. ”

Nadia Labbé believes she was infected during a “missionary trip” to the Czech Republic in 2013. During her stay there, she was bitten by a tick on her left arm, but removed the insect within hours. the bite.

“At first I thought I did not have to worry because the tick was removed from my arm quickly. On the other hand, I learned later that, in very, very rare cases, people can have symptoms of the disease even if the removal of the insect was done quickly, “explains Ms. Labbé.

Her condition gradually deteriorated after 2013 and, as the symptoms worsened, Magogoise pushed her research further and began to consult doctors. In parallel, she completed high school, not without difficulty, and reflected on her professional future.

In January, she planned to start studies to become a nurse. However, she decided to postpone the project due to her condition. She also left a job as a supervisor in a restaurant because of the hard work and stress that this job required of her.

“I am now at Wal-Mart. I was very well received by this store. Unfortunately, I have trouble working for more than 20 to 25 hours a week. I was a very active girl before. It’s frustrating not to have the energy and the strength to continue as before. ”

“People may have symptoms even though the removal of the insect was quick. ”
– Nadia Labbé

In Germany

Before choosing to go to Germany for specialized treatments, Nadia Labbé considered the possibility of getting treatment in the United States, where we know more about Lyme disease than in Quebec. She finally came to the conclusion that the German specialists were even stronger and that it would cost almost the same price to opt for a clinic in Germany. She estimates the cost of treatment and travel at $ 30,000.

“In Germany, she will have a shock treatment of hyperthermia to revive her immune system. She will then take antibiotics for several months. These are usually advanced cases that have this treatment and 90 percent of people would heal or see a good improvement in their condition, “says the young woman’s father, Gabriel Labbé.

People who would like to help the Magogoise can do so by visiting the following website: onedollargift.com. In addition, a garage sale with the objective of raising funds to support it will take place May 19 at 281 rue Saint-Patrice East, Magog. You can call 819 868-2872 or 819 349-6871 for more information and offer items for sale.

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