A film about the Holodomor “the Price of truth” won the festival of Polish feature films: spectacular trailer

The basis of the film is taken from a real history of journalist Gareth Jones, who spoke on the Holodomor

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Фильм о Голодоморе "Цена правды" победил на польском кинофестивале: впечатляющий трейлер

Shot from a film “the Price of truth”

Historical Thriller “the Price of truth” (“Gareth Jones”) by Polish Director Agnieszka Holland, the General media partner of which is the TV channel “Ukraine” and who has previously presented at the Berlinale, won the main prize of the festival “the Golden lions”.

Find out exclusive details about the film “the Price of truth”:

In particular, in addition to the main award, a special prize for the best production design was awarded to the artist-the producer of the tape Grzegorz Piontkowski.

Note that the 44th festival of Polish feature films in Gdynia lasted from 16 to 21 September. It is held since 1974 and is one of the oldest festivals in Europe. The focus of the festival is bright Polish film premieres, the event is accompanied by red paths and a large number of stars of Polish cinema.

Shot from a film “the Price of truth”Photo: press-slugbait from the movie “the Price of truth”Photo: press-slugbait from the movie “the Price of truth”Photo: press-slugbait from the movie “the Price of truth”Photo: press-slugbait from the movie “the Price of truth”Photo: press-slugbait from the movie “the Price of truth”Photo: press-service 1 / /6

The film “the Price of truth” tells the story of Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, who told the world about the famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932-1933 killed millions of people. Starring in the film about the Holodomor in Ukraine was played by British stars James Norton and Vanessa Kirby, which informed the audience saw in the blockbuster “Hobbes and the Show.” Apart from them the film also played: Peter sarsgaard, Joseph moul, Kenneth Krenem, Yakov Tkachenko, Oleg Drach, Volodymyr Fedoruk, Anne Shayduk, Anastasia Chala, Alina Kowalska and others.

Watch the trailer of the film “the Price of truth”:

The project consultant was Timothy Snyder – American historian and writer, Professor at Yale University, who in his monograph “Blood lands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin” substantiate the thesis that the Soviet and Nazi regimes killed about 14 million people in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, the Baltic States and Western Russia.

“The film “the Price of Truth” is a powerful and incredibly important for Ukrainian and world film viewer. Indeed, in the era of information fake and posttrade we must first stay true to themselves and strive for the truth, as did the main character – Gareth Jones. Therefore, it is important that in this story, we can see a lot of Parallels with the present,” said producer Egor Olesov.

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In Kiev there was an exhibition dedicated to British journalist Gareth Jones

The film “the Price of truth” will be released in a wide Ukrainian release on November 28. The television premiere will take place 2020 on the TV channel “Ukraine”.

We will remind, earlier in a network there was a fragment from the film “Gareth Jones”.

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