A first CHSLD with 100 dead

Un premier CHSLD avec 100 morts

The blaze is not yet ended among seniors in Quebec. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, a CHSLD has reached the milestone of 100 deaths of the COVID-19 among its residents.

This is the CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée in Laval, an institution of 285 places, which has lost more than a third of its residents and the situation has started to worry the authorities from the beginning of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

The symbolic threshold of 100 deaths has been reached in the last days, and the figure appeared in the daily update of the CHSLD published on Thursday by the ministry of Health.

However, it has been almost three months, while the balance sheet there was 16 people dead, prime minister François Legault had already identified the CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée as one of the six NURSING homes in a critical situation in Quebec.

“We’ve got six NURSING homes where the majority of deaths, where it is critical “, had then said Mr. Legault, the 8th of April.

Another institution cited in the list of the prime minister, the Centre Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, north of Montreal, is also close to currently 100 people dead. On Thursday, the balance sheet, there was 94 deaths, while it was 13 at the time of the comments Mr. Legault.

It had also promised to increase medical resources in the CHSLD du Québec, because, he said, ” this is where it is going to play “.

3800 victims

According to figures as of Thursday, the pandemic has done 3800 victims in the CHSLD in Quebec, the worst record in Canada in the long-term care.

This sad fact did say to the players in the middle that the province has been the theatre of a failure of monumental.

“This is a massacre “, stressed the chairman of the Board for the protection of the sick, Paul Brunet, in an interview with TVA News at the beginning of June.

“In fact [the government] has treated the people of Quebec, as if there were two worlds. The “healthy”, of which he was engaged immediately, and then the CHSLD, elderly people, at the end of April only, early in may, and even still… “

Continuation of 13 million

The CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée, the large number of deaths has prompted a further collective $ 13 million, commenced in mid-April by the daughter of a resident who died. One of the criticisms at the heart of serious negligence in the management of the pandemic, including a lack of tests in employees with symptoms of the COVID-19 and the lack of protective equipment.

Conducted by the firm of well-known Ménard Martin Avocats, the prosecution pointed out at this time that the outbreak in the ltc facility was already ” by far the most devastating in Quebec “.

For the moment, the spread of the coronavirus among residents of the CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée seems nevertheless to be stopped. The infection was kept active between the walls of the center throughout the crisis. Thursday, it was finished, since it is only reported no cases of COVID-19 among the residents.

Lower case

The general situation in Quebec in NURSING homes is also going in the same direction. In the daily list of the ministry of Health, there are more centers in a critical situation (with more than 25% of cases of coronavirus) or under surveillance (15 to 25% of cases). Only appear 29 CHSLD (15%) and less active cases.

In total, there are only 76 cases of residents with the COVID-19 in these centres under surveillance.

NURSING homes with more than 70 deaths

Centre Sainte-Dorothée, Laval

  • 100 dead
  • no event active

Centre Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Montreal

  • 94 dead
  • 3 active cases

Centre Laurendeau, Montreal

  • 92 dead
  • 1 case active

Centre Champlain Marie-Victorin, Montreal

  • 84 dead
  • no event active

Centre Vigi Mont-Royal

  • 81 dead
  • 1 case active

Centre Yvon-Brunet, Montreal

  • 72 dead
  • no event active

Centre Saint-Jude, Laval

  • 71 dead
  • 9 active cases
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