A first farmer gay love is in the meadow

Un premier agriculteur gai à L’amour est dans le pré

A farmer, a homosexual, joined the distribution of “love is in the meadow”. The first time in nine seasons for the show.

Among the eight short-listed candidates for the edition 2021 of the popular dating show of V, we find Alex, a dairy farmer, pig and poultry of Saint-Elzéar, Beauce.

Its fact sheet mentions that he holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, he loves travelling, reading, gardening, cooking, and that he lives alone in a house that he hopes to renovate when it has met the man of her dreams.

In his video presentation online Friday morning, Alex, 30 years old, says that he “never even been in a couple official with a guy” because he was not ready. This follower of crossfit has long asked how his sexual orientation would be perceived considering the environment in which it works. It is expected “that it would talk… but not more than that.”

“The ideal candidate”

The regulars of The love is in the meadow know the obstacles that impede the road to a farmer who would like to meet a soul mate. The isolation, the workload, etc, For a farmer LGBTQ+, the task should be all the more challenging.

Reached by telephone, the producer of love is in the meadow, Martin Métivier Attraction Images, believes that Alex is the perfect candidate to open eyes to the whole of Quebec” on this reality.

“It took a guy like him,” says Martin Métivier. Alex is anchored in his community at Saint-Elzéar. He is not afraid to show. When we met him, it was all values that we look for in our farmers. His quest is sincere.”

Fans happy

Alex, however, is not assured to a participation in The love is in the meadow. To confirm its place, it will have to be part of the five applicants who will be of the most interest over the next few weeks on Noovo.ca.

His candidacy should nevertheless delight many fans of the show, which required the presence of a candidate LGBTQ+ for a few years. On the page Facebook of The love is in the meadow, the enthusiastic comments abounded on Friday morning.

Its inclusion also demonstrates a genuine desire to diversify the landscape of the reality series love in quebec, which are increasingly featured competitors that break the mold. Last fall, double Occupancy, has also welcomed its first candidate who is transgender.

“It is changing because of the people register, says Martin Métivier. It has not banged on the doors. There was no casting of the wild. It has not tried to recruit at any price a homosexual. In our program, people must enroll by themselves. They must have the willingness to meet someone. It dismisses those who want their 15 minutes of fame.”

In addition to Alex, the new edition of The love is in the meadow is comprised of farmers singles aged 21 to 59 years of age. A single woman is part of the group : Roxanne, a producer of milk of 27-year-old Saint-Maurice, in Mauricie.

Filming this fall

Driven by Katherine Levac, the ninth season of the appointment will be on tour from September to December.

Due to sanitary measures, the viewers are unlikely to see a lot of reconciliation of physical screen. In other words, the french will be defended, unless there has been a reversal of the government’s directives.

“It creates a different dynamic, argues Martin Métivier. It is good for us. People are going to have to talk more about it. They will give birth to a desire. They will kiss your eyes.”

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