A first Ferrari Roma arrived in Quebec

Une première Ferrari Roma arrive au Québec

The Ferrari dealer in Montreal receives the grand tour these days. In fact, one of the prototypes of the new Ferrari Roma 2021 is in the exhibition hall of the prestiguex establishment.

For the occasion, the team of the Guide of the self has been invited to come and observe them closely.

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Presented as “a GT wishing to charm the customers of Bentley and Aston Martin,” as mentioned by Jean-Daniel Bienvenue, director of sales, this new arrival in the family Ferrari can accommodate up to four occupants. But force is to admit that the two rear seats are just symbolic!

Displaying a base price of $ 251,000, the Roma is housed just above the Portofino within the range of Ferrari. Jean-Daniel Welcome and stated that “the clients usually choose between 35 000 $ and 65 000 $ options” according to their tastes and their desires. Among these options, note the touch screen on the passenger side, the rocker panels in carbon fibre, adaptive cruise control and a camera 360 degrees.

Sharing its platform with that of the Portofino, the Roma is still a lightweight of 73 kilograms, given that it is a coupe. Under the hood is full motorization the Portofino, a V8 turbocharged 3.9 L paired to a dual clutch transmission, staged on eight reports. The result is a stable of 620 horses and a time from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds.

Painted in Blu Roma, the Roma “has been designed to not be red” we told Mr. Welcome. Although it is an exceptional car, we focus on discretion and it is for this reason that it has the choice of whether to affix or not the logos of the prancing horse on the front wings.

As we noted jean-Daniel Welcome, it is observed that ” the interior is all curves, this recalls the Ferrari of the 60s. “On the other hand, the dashboard is fully digital, and the vertical screen of 8.4 inches, allowing to control the infotainment system we are back alive and well in millennium, current.

It is expected that the first units of the Roma to be delivered next fall. The dealer in Montreal, is expected to receive between 8 and 10 annually.

For the Ferrari dealer in Montreal, recently sold its banner Maserati, it is a spring of intense. In effect, no later than last may, a SF90 Stradale was in the same place.

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