A first trailer for the new season of “Devil's Lot: Conquest of the Sea”

A first trailer for the new season of “Devil's Bundle: The Conquest of the sea”


The first trailer for the new season of Devil's Batch was unveiled on Tuesday.  

We discover, in these first images, the 16 new candidates who this season will have to brave the sea and the miserable living conditions in the hope of getting their hands on the grand prize of 100,000 $. 

Aged 20 to 47, participants will also have to prove they have the makings of a post-Great Depression colonist, while fulfilling the mandates given by Louis Champagne, the colony inspector. It is with the bare minimum, savvy and “juice of arm” that they will deserve their place within the group. 

Reality TV Lot of the devil: the conquest of the sea will begin next Friday, November 11, 8 p.m., on Historia and simultaneously on Séries Plus. 

Between the start of the new season, Historia will rebroadcast on Fridays at 8 p.m. h the first season of Devil's Lot, also available on the channel's YouTube account.