A five shot to beat an individual

Folly Bienvenu Amassou-Gagnon, Michael Laplante, Ibrahim Monkokole and Lucas Ollive admitted to having been involved in a robbery case in Sherbrooke in February 2017.
C are individuals admitted having laid a trap to another man, 13 February 2017, in the parking lot of a business Comtois Street.

Miguel Gagnon, also accused in this case, but individually, had already pleaded guilty last January.

Ibrahim Monkokole, Lucas Ollive, Folly Bienvenu Amassou-Gagnon and Michaël Laplante pleaded guilty to robbery and assault causing bodily harm on Monday before Justice Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Quebec.

Ollive and Monkokole also recognized the wearing of disguise and Laplante the conspiracy for extortion.

The victim was a friend of Miguel Gagnon and Michaël Laplante.

It is a story of girlfriend and unpaid debt that is behind this case.

Gagnon had summoned the one who would become the victim for a drug deal.

The victim arrives where he is expected by Laplante, Monkokole and Folly-Bienvenu. These last two have the mandate to send him a message and to scare him. Ollive also joined the group.

Folly-Bienvenu and Gagnon remain in the vehicle, while the other three hid behind a container on Comtois Street near the Galaxy Cinema.

While the complainant was chatting with Miguel Gagnon, Ollive and Monkokole arrived with their heads covered and kicked and kicked him.

Folly-Bienvenu pointed to what appeared to be a firearm before stealing his wallet, watch and cell phone.

The victim suffered two facial fractures.

The minimum sentence of four years in prison can not apply because the firearm was never found in this case.

Due to the lack of a criminal record, pre-sentence reports were requested in the files of all the accused.

Lucas Ollive is present in Canada on a student visa that has expired. He was recently arrested for breaking conditions in the Quebec City area. He will remain detained in this new file until the end of the legal proceedings.

The defendants at large fled the lens of the camera at the Sherbrooke courthouse. While Amassou-Gagnon covered his head with his cloak, Monkokole hid behind the columns of the hall and Laplante hid behind a lady who accompanied him.

Jean-Marc Bénard, Alexandre Tardif, Mélissa Gilbert and Mireille Leblanc defend the defendants. It is Me Isabelle Dorion who represents the public prosecutor.

Miguel Gagnon, defended by Patrick Fréchette, is scheduled to return to court on May 23 for sentencing observations.

As for the others, this stage will take place on July 4th.

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