A former leader of the mafia resurfaced

Un ancien leader de la mafia refait surface

A former high-ranking member of the clan Rizzuto, known for his fiery temperament would regain his place after more than a decade behind bars.

The police believe that Francesco Del Balso, one of the head leaders of the mafia targeted by operation Colisée, to prepare for his return by making connections with some influential actors of the organized crime.

The 50 year old man has finished take the equivalent of a sentence of 15 years for “gangsterism” in September last year.

Paris online

According to our sources, Del Balso, could have the eyes on the covert activities of which he was one of the key leaders prior to his arrest in 2006 : illegal betting online.

The lucrative network of sports betting of the mafia in montreal, which usually generates a million and a half dollars in profit every month, has been paralyzed by the pandemic COVID-19.

But this trade is going to resume with the return of soccer in Europe, as well as the early resumption of NHL hockey and major league baseball.

According to the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), who had led the investigation Coliseum between 2002 and 2006, Del Balso was then in charge of the network of online betting with Lorenzo Giordano, shot and killed in Laval four years ago.

More than 1600 players had made 820 000 bets on the website of the network, between October 2004 and march 2006, for bets totalling$ 390 Million and a net profit of$26.8 Million.


“You admit openly your affiliation with the Italian mafia, as well as your threats against individuals considered to be bad payers to your site paris online,” he has reminded the parole Board of Canada (PBC) in a decision rendered in January 2019.

The previous month, Del Balso was convicted of uttering threats to a journalist out of our Bureau of investigation had reported that the police of Quebec was interested in the mafia, investigating complaints of extortion at the expense of pizzerias in the Old Capital.

He had been sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation of two years.

“You mentioned that you were not able to master your emotions and that you regret your actions,” said the PBC in this regard, adding that the investigation had not established that Del Balso was involved in the extortion alleged.

He spoke of retirement

In 2016, his parole was suspended and Del Balso had to return to the penitentiary after the murder of his friend, Giordano and the other two close to the Rizzuto organization in montreal.

The Commission had relied on information wanting to be “the next on the list” of potential victims.

In may 2017, then it was free for two months, armed men went to his residence to take him, but Laval was elsewhere. The PBC had once more taken back to prison against his will, for his own safety.

The following summer, Del Balso has assured the Commission that he was retiring from the criminal underworld.

“You explain that you have given up the criminal lifestyle and you want to lead a life respecting the laws “, she had noted before the release.

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