A former official of the FIFA has sold his vote in the election of the host country of the 2018 world Cup

Колишній чиновник ФІФА продав свій голос на виборах країни-господині ЧС-2018

Photo: dpa/AFP

The tournament will remind, in the end, taken by the Russian Federation

A former member of the Executive Committee of the International football Federation (FIFA) Rafael Salguero admitted that he sold his vote in the election of the 2018 world Cup, which was held in Russia.

The recognition of it in the new York court did in 2016, but until last Tuesday, the case remained classified, informs “Kommersant”.

However, in the published documents the names of the persons who offered the Guatemalan functionary “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” which incidentally, he never got deleted.

The statement of the ex-functionary FIFA should be considered quite important. Because until now it was thought that during the election of the 2018 world Cup serious violations had been committed, and corruption schemes attributed to the vote of the 2022 world Cup to be held in Qatar.

It is noted that Salguero pleaded guilty to four charges. Among them – attempted Bank fraud, attempted money laundering, accepting bribes.

The maximum penalty in such cases is 20 years of imprisonment, but Mr. Salguero’ll probably get much less, as actively cooperating with the investigation.

According to him, he was offered hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Direct the disbursement of funds was to carry out a “very wealthy Italian.” Mr. Salguero court called the names of the persons who had offered him a bribe, but in the records they delete.

The defendant also said that he had voted in the election, as he was required (the name of the country, a request which was supported by the functionary, not given), but the result was not received.

Recall that in the elections held in December 2010, Russia won in the second round, having received 13 votes from the FIFA Executive Committee. In second place was the joint bid of Spain and Portugal – seven votes.

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