A fraud with the construction of the Roman lost 661 000$ to Hydro-Québec

Une fraude au chantier de la Romaine fait perdre 661 000$ à Hydro-Québec

LONGUEUIL – A woman from the North Shore, and a man of the Montérégie region have pleaded guilty this week in a record of fraud against Hydro-Quebec in the dam site of the Roman.

Josée Beaulieu, a resident of Portneuf-sur-Mer, and Alain Tremblay, a native of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, had been accused last year, and they have pleaded guilty on Tuesday at the palais de justice de Longueuil, to a count, or use of false documents.

These people have been involved in a ploy which has lost almost 661 000$ to the State corporation, according to the joint statement of the lawyers involved.

The fraudulent schemes were carried out between 2014 and 2017. They are in connection with a contract for the concrete batch plant for the Roman, a project that amounted to nearly $ 15 million on the North Shore.

In this scheme, five individuals and three corporations were indicted last year.

Enjoy a subcontracting clause local

The fraudsters were seeking to unlawfully benefit from a reimbursement clause in Hydro-Québec, which provides rebates to contractors doing sub-contracting locally. Under certain conditions, this clause allows you to redeem up to 40% of certain expenditures made by sub-contractors of the region.

We can read in the joint statement of counsel that ” the scheme has been put in place to let people believe that Hydro-Québec, the transportation of bulk cement was being run by the Centre du camion Cote-Nord [ … ], while he was made by another company.”

An internal investigation of Hydro-Québec

“In general, I can tell you that the reason why we conducted this survey-there, is that we systematically follow up when there are contracts with Hydro-Quebec “, explains the spokesperson for Hydro-Québec Cendrix Bouchard, who has also defended the existence of this clause.

Josée Beaulieu and Alain Tremblay will be required to repay a total of approximately$ 60,000 Hydro-Québec and more than 300 hours of community work.

Josée Beaulieu will also provide$ 20,000 in donations to community organizations in the North Shore.

Also of note is that charges against the truck Center of the North Shore can no longer stand. The legal proceedings against the other defendants in the case is ongoing.

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