A fraudster targets the Maxi of the region

A fraudster seems to have targeted the Maxi stores in the region to perform a little sleight of hand by going to the cashier.
The e March 16, 2018, around 16:30, the suspect was presented to Maxi Boulevard des Grandes-Fourches downtown Sherbrooke.

Wanting to pay for a small item, she asked for $ 20 tickets for $ 50 tickets, warns the Sherbrooke Police Department.

“She gives several $ 50 bills and manipulates the notes quickly to create confusion with the cashier,” said Martin Carrier, spokesman for the SPS.

“When the woman leaves the premises, a client who has noticed the scheme, notify the cashier. At the cashier’s account, $ 217.30 is missing in the cash register. ”

Earlier in the day, the same English-speaking woman showed up at the Richmond Maxi and at the Portland Street in Sherbrooke. She allegedly made the same fraud by manipulating money.

However, his manipulations did not work, adds Mr. Carrier.

The woman between the ages of 20 and 30 was wearing a gray cap, a black coat with a fur collar and a black and white dress. She has red hair, even red hair. It is about five feet long and weighs at least 140 pounds.

She was accompanied by a male teenager wearing a black coat, black cap and jeans.

Anyone with information that can help identify the suspect can contact the Sherbrooke Police Service at 819-821-5544.

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