A fraudster to the elders rebuked severely by a judge

Un fraudeur d’aînés rabroué sévèrement par un juge

A fraudster in a series that has racked up nearly a million dollars in the targeting of the elderly was severely criticize by the judge at a hearing where the Crown called for a six and a half years of incarceration, in addition to the repayment of the sums stolen.

“His testimony was an endless series of lies, is that there is a limit to the lies that a judge can hear ? This man is dangerous, ” launched without a visit the judge Salvatore Mascia, this week at the palais de justice of Montreal.

Prison, where he appeared by videoconferencing, Richard Chandroo did not seem disturbed by the remarks of the magistrate, keeping instead an air of playful and candid, and this, even if it risks a very long sentence to the penitentiary.

This is because since 2012, Chandroo, 45 years, specializes in fraud inheritance. Skillfully blending the real and fake documents, at times pretending to be another, he had managed to convince octogenarians to give him the money, under the pretext that he had expenses to cover in order to collect an inheritance.

“It took my father what had to be the most beautiful period of his life where he could enjoy the fruits of his work, he has been manipulated,” said the daughter of one of the victims, in a letter read to the court.

Bled dry

Because, of course, promises to return the money and give part of the money does not materialize, ever. A couple of octogenarians had réhypothéquer his house, while another victim died after having lost the savings of a lifetime.

“He has bled his victims to white, and it has continued to do so, and that didn’t seem to bother him,” said the judge, who recalled that Chandroo had already tried to throw the blame on a dead man.

And even once convicted in the past month, Chandroo wanted to avoid preventive detention by the money, trying to make it seem to the judge that he should remain free to find something to compensate his victims.

“He tried to defraud the court with an alleged card of Michael Jackson, which would have allowed him to repay everyone,” noted the judge.


For the prosecutor Emilie Robert, Chandroo deserves to 78 months in prison, in addition to having to repay approximately $ 800,000 to the victims. Because even if the consequences of his crimes have been “devastating” for the victims, the con artist has expressed no remorse, among other things, pleaded the Crown.

The lawyer Chandroo, Me Simon Leduc-Lebeuf, for its part, suggested a sentence of four years incarceration, with a refund of about $ 100,000. According to him, a higher amount would jeopardize the family Chandroo, including her two children.

♦ The judge will make his decision in September.

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