A freight train derailed and set ablaze in Arizona

Un train de marchandises déraille et s’embrase en Arizona

LOS ANGELES | A freight train has derailed on Wednesday before taking fire on a railway bridge in Arizona, but no victim has been reported, a-t-on learned from several sources.

The accident took place in the city of Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix, to 06H15 local time (13.15 GMT). The flames of the fire were visible from several kilometers away and required the intervention of a hundred people.

Eight of the ten cars that made up the convoy of cargo caught fire, fed by the trunks of trees that carried some of them, specified to the AFP, Tim McMahan, a spokesperson for the operator u.s. railroad Union Pacific.

“The southern part of the bridge collapsed and cars fell onto a parking lot below it,” added the spokesman, stressing that the building in question had been inspected.

No injuries were reported among the employees of the train, but one person was supported after having inhaled the smoke.

Tank cars were below the bridge, some containing cyclohexanone, a flammable substance, and irritating, but no leak was reported and they have not caught fire, said Mr. McMahan.

The causes of the accident are still unknown and an investigation has been opened.

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