A French court has ordered to demolish the estate for €57 million

Французский суд приказал снести поместье за €57 миллионов

The building occupies 3,000 square meters.A French court has rendered a decision on the demolition of large mansions in the Renaissance style in the South of France worth € 57 million and gave the owner 18 months to complete, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

Thus, the court of appeals of the municipality of AIX-EN-Provence decided that the Chateau Diter in Grasse must be destroyed. Due to the fact that the work was illegal, the French courts ruled that “the restoration of the premises by demolition of all built objects” that have emerged since 2005.

At the moment, the Chateau covers an area of 3000 square meters. Previously, it was a modest country house of 200 square meters, which, after adjustment of Dieter turned into a Palace.

On the territory there is a swimming pool, helipad and road length of 600 meters – it was built illegally in a protected wooded area.

The Dieter, who was fined 450 thousand Euro, faces an additional fine of EUR 500 for each day in excess of the 18-month deadline set by the French courts.


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