A French deputy excluded from the Assembly for 15 days for a contentious tweet

A French MP expelled 15 days from the Assembly for a contentious tweet


The National Assembly on Friday expelled for 15 days the LFI deputy Thomas Portes, author of a controversial tweet about the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, which caused an uproar in the hemicycle.

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Minister @olivierdussopt withdraw your #ReformeDesRetraites pic.twitter.com/PXvgydps9i

&mdash ; Thomas Portes (@Portes_Thomas) February 9, 2023

Under the protests of the rebels, the deputies decided by a seated-standing vote, after a meeting of the bureau of the Assembly which had proposed this sanction.

This is the most severe disciplinary sanction for deputies. 

The debates on the pension reform must resume in the evening.