A French settled here in full pandemic

Une Française s’installe ici en pleine pandémie

Cooker French was eventually able to settle in Quebec with half of his family in the midst of a pandemic thanks to the generosity of Quebecers who have furnished an apartment and did her grocery shopping.

“The challenge was to find a housing to be able to comply with the two weeks of confinement,” explains Josée Corbeil, director of operations at Immigration Global Crossing. Despite the pandemic, I have found one. It was all furnished with the employees of the bakery where she would work, and they have made sure that she has food and the products that they need. “

Karine Gimer, 44 years of age, came to Quebec with his two young sons on 7 June, ready to start his life again in a new country.

His efforts to find employment and come to settle here were started already since almost a year.

It is finally in Bakery MariePain, Repentigny, she has been working since Thursday.

“I’m a little panicked, she said, laughing a few days before his departure, but I know that there are people who are not going to drop me, and it makes me warm to the heart. I leave a part of my family in France, then it is difficult. This is a big change for me. “

The fault of the greatest!!

Her husband and Angel, their 17 year old son, should come and join them during the next year, once the latter has completed its school year.

Moreover, it is Angel who is at the origin of this big move. The student in video design wanted to try his luck in Montreal, one of the poles of the world.

A student exchange with a Canadian from British Columbia also gave the bite to the French family to come there.

Upon his arrival, the fridge was filled and a bouquet of roses waited patiently on his dining table to celebrate Mother’s day in France, courtesy of his new employer orchestrated by her husband.

If it still had some concerns prior to his departure, it was a relief not to have to worry about finding housing, in full confinement.

“Jenna I was blown away. She forwarded me the photos and found a home close to my work and several schools. She negotiated for me with the owner. […] The whole team of MariePain has also been involved in my coming. This is amazing, ” she says.

A maze of administrative

Initially, the French had to leave his country in march. However, at the time, to obtain confirmation of its documents, the order of total containment was already ordained in France because of the COVID-19.

After a first flight that was cancelled and a lot of frustration, she finally managed to organize a second flight on 7 June.

The cooker has started to work on Thursday after 14 days of confinement, ready to implement the result of his research on quebec’s specialities, as the famous poutine.

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