A Frenchwoman in Gaspésie

Une Fran & ccedil; aise en Gasp & eacute; sie

MISE & Agrave; JOUR

Invited to stay in Quebec for her postdoctoral fellowship, Marie, a young French biologist, arrives in Quebec in winter. She must assist Laurier, a great trapper, to study the predation of coyotes on deer in the Gaspé. She tells of a stay that was not easy and her immersion in Quebec society in A coyote winter.

She, who has never driven a snowmobile in her life, finds herself thrown into the Gaspé forests, by -20 ° C, in the Baie des Chaleurs (she discovers that it is not hot there in winter).

For months, the biologist and the trapper will work together and tame, laying snares, analyzing footprints and collecting coyote droppings. A stay that takes the form of an apprenticeship in life and during which she must find her place, as a woman, as a foreigner, as a biologist.

Marie-Lazarine Poulle was shocked when she discovered Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and the Baie des Chaleurs in the middle of winter. “& Nbsp; I was in Quebec from 1991 to 1994. It's not very young,” she explains. She came back two or three times. Three decades later, she wanted to share her experience. The vision of Quebec that she shares is fascinating. “It was not easy, but it was really super rewarding. I was lucky to experience this. & Nbsp; “

The deadly cold

The Quebecers' way of life during the winter astonished her. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; I really saw winter every day, outside, and I realized that Quebecers, you born with winter. This is something you learn as a child. & Nbsp; “

” & nbsp; It is a notion that in France we do not have, that the cold can kill. This is something that I understood. It’s quite a learning process that I had to do, and one that I had to do as an adult. & Nbsp; “

She experienced a good culture shock, immersed in the heart of the Gaspé, surrounded by quite macho trappers. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; It was in the mores of trappers and hunters, perhaps, but not hosts. On the contrary, the other men I worked with were rather less macho than the French I knew. It was 30 years ago and it was in a certain milieu. In the same environment, in France, there was the same machismo. & Nbsp; “

Marie-Lazarine Poulle explains that, for the French, Quebec is not, in appearance, a country” & nbsp ; exotic & nbsp; ”. But she changed her mind. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; Quebec is not the same way of life as France. The people I see speak like me, but they don't have the same lifestyle. It's a bit surprising. & Nbsp; “

Just being a foreigner in a foreign country was an interesting experience for her. & Nbsp;

” & nbsp; After, when I returned to France, I understood much better what it meant to be a foreigner in a country. & nbsp; “

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