A friend told the truth about the relations of Keanu Reeves: “He…”

Подруга рассказала правду об отношениях Киану Ривза: "Он годами..."

today, 07:26

Relationship movie star Keanu Reeves with artist Alexandra Grant came as a surprise for millions of fans of the actor worldwide, however, insiders knew about it much earlier than the General public.

This writes the American edition of Page Six, which is associated with the New York Post.

So, a friend of Grant Jennifer Tilly said that she was surprised by the violent reaction of the social networks. As explained Tilly, Keanu Reeves has found with the artist. Therefore, according to the women, the surprise of the public belatedly.

Tilly also commented on the wedding plans of the couple. On the question, going Reeves and Grant to marry the woman replied that it was not enough for such Bohemian artists.

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Подруга рассказала правду об отношениях Киану Ривза: "Он годами..."

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves

Also, a friend Grant said that a couple of strong and peaceful relations, which they do not want to expose to the public. She said that the Grant that Reeves will be modest and do not wish to make their personal lives available to the General public.

Recall that Keanu Reeves has unveiled the new part of the script of “the Matrix”, but now Neo is “Very excited”.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Keanu Reeves has found the love of his life: secretly preparing for the wedding.

Also Know As.ia” wrote: irregular appearance and a difference in age: eternal bachelor Keanu Reeves showed the world his girlfriend.

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