A frightening discovery: black holes gave scientists a surprise

According to astrophysicists, black holes are not always formed from old stars

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 07:24

Пугающее открытие: черные дыры преподнесли ученым сюрприз

Scientists from Canada have proposed a new version of black hole formation

The prevailing theory about the formation of black holes asserts that their emergence is the natural final stage of life collapserow huge stars. However, recent calculations carried out by astronomers from the University of Western Ontario, showed the incompleteness of this theory about these scary space objects.

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Recently the Universe was found very old black holes, which appear very early, less than a billion years after the Big Bang, when a large enough star could not yet be formed and to gain the desired mass. How did this happen?

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As a solution to such space paradox it was proposed many different theories — for example, the model of the collapse of short-lived stars. Now canadian scientists have put forward a new version of formation of such holes, the so-called “classic collapse”. According to her, massive black holes can be formed from a sufficiently dense concentrations of matter in the center of protogalactic.

Heated and intensely radiating, clusters of dust and gas become more dense and do not allow to form stars. At some point the number and density of gas reaches the point of collapse — there is a black hole with a mass hundreds of times more solar.

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The theoretical possibility of such a process is confirmed by mathematical modeling. However, at this stage, such a mechanism of occurrence of black holes is no longer possible radiation of stars and other holes do not allow this to happen.

We will remind that earlier the predictions of Stephen Hawking about black holes, we learned what was right great scientist. Also earlier in our galaxy has found a “pipeline” out of the black hole.

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