A future employee in the CHSLD infected with the COVID-19

Un futur préposé en CHSLD infecté à la COVID-19

Two weeks after the start of its new accelerated program to train future agents for the beneficiaries, the PSC Fierbourg, in the borough of Charlesbourg, in Quebec city, lamented the fact that a student infected with the COVID-19.

On Sunday, an email from the public health sent to several students of the programme “Support to the care of assistance in the institution of health” Centre of vocational training Fierbourg invited them to “increase their vigilance”.

“It is possible that you have been exposed to a person who has received a diagnosis of COVID-19”, said in the letter which the Journal has obtained a copy.

Questioned in this regard, the secretary-general of the Centre de services school of Premieres-Seigneuries, Martine Chouinard, confirmed the news.

“Currently, we have a student who has actually tested positive to the COVID-19 at the vocational training Centre Fierbourg”, she says, adding that he has been removed from the training for the time being, in order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus to her classmates.

The program compromised?

After an epidemiological investigation conducted by the public health, the results demonstrated that the risk of contagion to other students was low, even if one does not specify how the individual contracted the disease.

“For this reason, the school remains open and continues its training activities. But it was all the same validated, with [public health], the measures of sanitary protection that have been put in place,” says Ms. Chouinard.

It does not exclude the possibility that the program may be adversely affected if an outbreak were to occur. “But currently, this is not the situation, even if all the world is more attentive to the measures.”

No seniors at risk

Fortunately for residents of NURSING homes who are more at risk of complications related to the COVID-19, future orderlies are not yet rendered at the step of practical training in a residential centre for seniors.

“The program began on June 15, so they were still in the theoretical training at the school. The second step will be to follow a certain number of hours at a distance. And it is only after this, in mid-July, they enter into the practical part, with older people”, explains the secretary general of the Center for services school of the First Seigneuries.

Recall that the vocational training Centre Fierbourg is one of the four institutions of the region of the Capitale-Nationale region to offer this paid training of 375 hours.

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