A German wine with accents of burgundy

Un vin allemand aux accents bourguignons

Dönnhoff, Weissburgunder 2018, Nahe
30,25 $ – SAQ Code : 13507118 – 12,5 % – <2 g/L

I am currently in the thick of the tastings of the 40th Guide du vin Phaneuf. Sharing with friends my finds of the day, I was not surprised to hear one of them compare this wine from the Nahe to a white Burgundy. He was not wrong, after all, since the pinot blanc – weissburgunder, in German – is a relative of the chardonnay. The two varieties had been confused for several centuries.

However, this wine has a paw undeniably German, by the precision and sharpness of flavour, by its appearance aerial and vaporous, but that is well rooted in the soil of volcanic origin and the loess of the Nahe. Pear, white flowers, lime blossom, honeysuckle, accents contrast ; everything is retained, and nothing goes on. A wine of impeccable quality, you will want to drink with a fish fat, such as cod, or with roasted cauliflower.

Health ! Prost !

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