A giant worm in the brain of the Chinese was the cause of epileptic seizures

Гигантский червь в мозгу китайца стал причиной эпилептических припадков

Length of the parasite was 10 centimeters.

26-year-old resident of China names Liu suddenly began to suffer from epileptic seizures which became more frequent. The man lives in Jiangxi province, and when he appealed to the local doctors, he nothing unusual found, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Paranormal news.

However, the seizures became stronger and then Liu went to the leading hospital in Nanchang, where he took a lot of tests, including blood tests. And one of them showed the presence in its organism of a parasitic tapeworm of the species Spirometra mansoni. These worms in the human body usually cause the so-called Spargana, which is accompanied by hives and the formation of inflammatory processes.

And this is quite rare and poorly understood disease for the past 65 years only 300 confirmed cases sparganosis, mostly it is the cause of becoming a close subspecies of worm Spirometra erinacei. Larvae of tapeworms of the genus Spirometra of the person infected if drinking unboiled water from a pond or eat raw meat frogs, snakes or wild animals that live near ponds of stagnant water.

The penetration of the larvae of Spirometra mansoni in the human brain is an extremely rare anomaly. The last such incident was in 2014, when the brain of a British man found a 1-centimeter worm. But in the case of Liu all came out much more serious. When the surgeons performed the surgery, pulled out of his brain still alive and wriggling worm, with a length of as much as 10 cm! It is assumed that Liu was infected when they eat undercooked meat of wild animals.

As reported in the article, in China there is a huge problem with the incidence of worms. In March 2018, the surgeons removed from the body women 13-centimetre worm that lived in her body for at least 5 years and that the woman became infected after eating uncooked frog meat. A year ago, 13-year-old girl lost consciousness for half an hour, and when she was examined in hospital, found in her brain 25-centimeter worm, who lived there for at least 6 years.

According to doctors, many Chinese live in regions where water is of poor quality and where people are used to eating bad fried undercooked meat of amphibians or fish.

Гигантский червь в мозгу китайца стал причиной эпилептических припадков

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