A gift from Julie Payette

Un cadeau de Julie Payette

Should the pandemic to finally have a governor general “the height of a man” ? Unless you should just to the woman modest, and warm what is Julie Payette.

It is not easy to stay yourself when you have access to this function is highly honorific. Not easy to please everyone. It was judged severely Adrienne Clarkson and Michaëlle Jean for initiatives and expenses deemed extravagant. About Julie Payette, one has complained of the exact opposite !

It was considered that it did not travel enough in Canada and that it ” was ” more astronaut as governor general. The trend to simplify the life of Rideau Hall, and to ignore traditions outdated, seemingly tied forever to the function, have earned him the criticism of some piss-vinegar, more royalist than the queen herself.

I don’t know Julie Payette, than by his public appearances. And, since the pandemic, by the conversations she has in line with the personalities or mere high school graduates. Yesterday, his interview with Patrick Huard and Colm Feore, the unforgettable police David Bouchard and Martin Ward in Bon Cop, Bad Cop, was worth the detour. These half-hours, the first in French and the other in English, are available on the website of the governor general, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.


The two stars have said to the governor that we can’t reinvent the live show that cannot exist without the spectators. The artist needs the audience as they have need of the artist. In fact, neither Patrick nor Colm would play in front of an audience hidden.

Even if a few comedians and singers begin a tour of the cinéparcs, even if theatres and concert halls prepare for shows, observing the aloofness, on stage as in the hall, Huard and Feore did not believe in them. If they are so pessimistic about the recovery of the shows, Julie Payette, scientific profession, and has confidence that we would find a vaccine or a drug that is effective against the coronavirus.

According to Patrick Huard, the long pause current will require the third party for artists and artisans to leave the profession, which would be an irreparable loss. “Even worse,” he said, half of the projects that we will not see the day.”


Fortunately, there will be Good Cop, Bad Cop 3 ! Patrick has been more talkative than usual on his project, even a scoop for the governor. The writers will add to the duo a third policeman, of indigenous origin that one. To see the delight of Colm Feore and Patrick when they talk about it, this third movie promises.

But it is far from the first turn of the crank. For Bon Cop, Bad Cop, as for the other productions. If Fabienne Larouche has not resumed the shooting of District 31 as she had hoped, it is that the insurance companies refuse to protect against the COVID-19. A single outbreak on a place of shooting might ruin a producer and even a diffuser. Besides the potential civil lawsuits.

The industry thus hopes that a compensation fund special of $ 100 million, which is guaranteed by the federal government, will see the day very quickly. If Julie Payette had any power, it would provide as a gift for Canada day, rather than a simple conversation, as interesting as it is, with two of our best artists !

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