A girl would have been burned by disinfectant

Une fillette aurait été brûlée par du désinfectant

Thighs red, sensitive skin and scabs have formed… A little girl of 4 years has had a strong skin reaction, the 20 June, after sitting in a grocery cart still wet with a disinfectant product.

“I’ve been sitting in the basket and, in less than five minutes, she complained that her thighs and legs peeled off. She was scratching hard. It was over 30 degrees that day, so she wore shorts, ” says Kathy Lim, mom of the little Sky.

Une fillette aurait été brûlée par du désinfectant

Kathy Lim

The scene took place in a Provigo in Montreal. Ms. Lim remembers having taken a basket wet, ” probably because it came to be disinfected “.

“She even specified that her legs itching and burning since she was sitting, but at the beginning, I did not make the link with the disinfectant product,” says the mother.

Back at the house, Sky had the behind of the thighs red and irritated.

In the days that followed, scabs and scratches as if a cat had scratched – appeared.

His skin remained sensitive for several days, but she did not consult a doctor.

A photo of the legs of the small Sky Lim taken two days after the incident.

“I understand the need to disinfect everything to protect them from the virus, but the grocery store would have been able to leave to dry the basket before you distribute it or warn me not to sit my child in it “, said Ms. Lim.

Chemical burn

Steve Mathieu, dermatologist in Quebec, confirms that the disinfectants can be irritating, especially for those who have sensitive skin, like children or the elderly.

“If the reaction actually happened in five minutes, it may be a chemical burn,” he says without wanting to ask diagnosis, as he has not seen the patient. Sometimes, grocery stores make use of the diluted bleach to clean their surfaces. It is very corrosive. “

The dermatologist suggested to let the surface dry disinfected before touching.

“I have personally noticed that grocery stores often give us a basket wet. It would be necessary to let it dry before you touch it, especially for the children. ”

For her part, Catherine McCuaig, dermatologist at CHU Sainte-Justine, proposing to remove the excess product and do not directly touch a surface freshly disinfected.

“This is a learning process also to do always leave something, such as cloth or paper, between our skin and a surface recently cleaned “, she adds.

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