A good idea to go on a holiday trip?

A good idea to go on a holiday trip?

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The tighter rules for air travelers entering Canada, announced by Ottawa on Tuesday, demonstrate that the Liberal government is taking the omicron variant threat seriously.

Federal Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos warns those who intend to stay outside the country that health rules can always change along the way. & nbsp;

“There will always be possibilities and uncertainty around possible changes both for the quarantine rules and for the testing rules,” said the minister in an interview with TVA Nouvelles, recalling that “things can change very quickly “. & Nbsp;

On Tuesday, the Trudeau government announced that all travelers entering Canada, whether vaccinated or not, will have to undergo a screening test and self-isolate until the obtaining their results.

New rules implemented in response to the detection of several cases in Canada. & nbsp;

The Minister of Health points out that the new variant quickly made a difference. & Nbsp;

“A week ago the omicron variant, it didn't mean anything, even people didn't know the letter omicron from the Greek alphabet. In the space of a few days, things changed extremely quickly. Unfortunately, that's how it's been since COVID-19, “added Duclos. & Nbsp;

The Minister of Health maintains that it is “always possible” that travelers who decide to fly abroad should organize themselves in the event of border closures, as is currently the case with Canadians stranded in South Africa. & Nbsp;

“The Canadian government will always have to limit the inconveniences, but maximize the protection of the health and safety of people in a context of great uncertainty around the omicron variant”, ensures Minister Duclos. & nbsp;

The latter recognizes that the arrival of the new variant “creates a lot of uncertainties, a lot of stress for those who want to travel or who have to travel, sometimes for personal “.

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