A good, inexpensive Pinot

A good cheap Pinot


Pinot noir gives birth in Burgundy to the greatest red wines on the planet, but the prices are generally disproportionate. Even for the more “generic” ones, except perhaps this one.

Coming from Chile, this is a well-typed Pinot Noir whose quality has been fairly consistent for several years. This absolutely flawless 2020 bears witness to this. A purple color that gives way to a nose of good intensity. We distinguish notes of eucalyptus, cherry and cinnamon. The mouth shows a fairly good volume, the tannins are elegant and gummed by the fruit. It remains quite simple, but it is juicy and well controlled. Plus, it's organic. It is essential to serve it fairly cold (at least 30-45 minutes in the fridge). Available everywhere in Quebec (more than 300 branches).

Cono Sur, Pinot Noir 2020, Valle del Rappel, Chile $16.05 – SAQ code 11386877 – 14% – 2.5 g/L – Organic

★★ $1⁄2 1⁄2


★ Correct

★★ Good

★★★ Very Good

★★★★ Excellent

★★★★★ Outstanding

More stars than dollars: well worth the price.

As many stars as dollars: worth its price.

Fewer stars than dollars: the wine is expensive.

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