A “Google for families” created in Quebec City

The sores, the dodos, the school, lark! Parents have thousands of small and big questions. And what do we do in general? We type our sentence on Google and we hope to get a sensible answer! The new Life of Parents website wants to become the “Google of Families”, the reference when parents search for reliable information or specialists.
Viedeparents.ca was born from a need of two parents, Élise Avard-Bernier, 33, and Jean-Philippe Fortin, 38. They soon realized that it was difficult to navigate the “jungle of parental information on the Web,” especially since their children needed to “meet specialists for various issues,” says Avard. -Bernier.

There was a lot of information, but the sources were not always credible.

“It makes me grin to see that parents take for granted the answers they receive without knowing who it comes from. I think it’s a danger, “says the mom and businesswoman. Other sites, like Naître et grandir, are “irreproachable” in terms of content, but do not allow to obtain references from specialists, she explains.

The idea is to have everything in one place, without having to go from one site to another, she adds.

This is the tool that the two entrepreneurs would have liked to have at hand in their research.

“We created a platform on which there is no forum, no chat , it is really validated information, with specialists, professionals. […] Do not make the self-diagnosis between friends, to stress you on cats , there are so many professionals who will be able to help you quickly, to the limit just to reassure you, “she said.

You can search by keywords or browse by categories. The site is for those who want to become parents, who will be soon, or who already have offspring, big or small.

Life of parents relies on some 200 professionals, specialists and collaborators to “inform, entertain, refer and accompany parents from A to Z”.

Thus, the text entitled “The (charming) dental flare” is written in collaboration with various dentists, who are named at the end. You can then click on the names to get info on the professional and contact him if necessary. It is also possible to seek directly a specialist (speech therapist, podiatrist, psychologist, etc.).

We then fall on the cards of the professional or the company, with description and contact details, which find their account, by addressing directly to their customers. The advertising on the site remains discreet and is directed to parents, says Ms. Avard-Bernier. So no car ad while a weeping mother reads about miscarriages, she says.

” All in ”

The two entrepreneurs left their job of advertising representative, “with the wages, the conditions, the security”, to embark on this adventure. Not easy to get financed when you want to start a website. “For the banks, we are an entire risk because there is nothing to seize. So they say: “If tomorrow morning you close the site, I have nothing in warranty.”

Convinced to have a good idea, the couple financed themselves. “We extended our mortgage margin. We played all in [all for all]. It’s a big risk, but we knew we were not wrong. ”

The site, launched eight months ago, is already receiving some 11,000 visits per day. The company is also a finalist for the Young Enterprise Scholarship of the Young Chamber of Commerce of Quebec. The team is growing. “Clearly, there was a need.”

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